August 2021 Lockdown

New Zealand has been thrust back into Level 4 lockdown once again, with Auckland remaining in Level 4 for at least an additional two weeks. Unlike the original Lockdown of March 2020 New Zealand businesses knew how to quickly adjust to operate under the restrictions and the Hunter Campbell team have seen a seamless transition to remote working and a continuation of the strong focus on recruitment.

The difference in business’s reaction to this lockdown versus early 2020 has been significant. A week after we went into lockdown in March last year about 60% of the roles we were working on were either put on hold or in some instances cancelled. This time, a week after Level 4 restrictions returned the number of roles that we were working on had increased. Last year there was a significant fear of the unknown driving decision making. This time around businesses know that the effects of the latest outbreak will be temporary and things will return to some sense of normality and they do not want to be caught understaffed and underprepared for what lies ahead. Candidates are much more open to opportunities and moving roles in this lockdown after observing employers navigate the lockdown periods in 2020.

For the Hunter Campbell team we are very much business as usual, if not more business than usual. As is our way we continue to collaboratively partner with clients and candidates, with our skills and expertise readily accessible every step of the way, opening up opportunities between clients and candidates in the recruitment process.

If we can in any way help throughout this time, please give one of our consultants a call, even if it’s an informal chat we are here, and happy to help.

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