About John

As one of Hunter Campbell’s Founding Partners, I am jointly responsible for the strategic direction and management of the business.

Of course, recruitment is all about people – and nowhere is that as true as within our own business. Our business strategy is very simple – to have the best of the best join our team and help them to realise their potential.

I have been building and running recruitment companies for around 30 years, having founded one of New Zealand’s leading recruitment groups back in the early 90’s. After selling those businesses the opportunity existed to team up with a couple of my old colleagues, Ken Webb and Lee Marshall, and build a new specialist business. Hunter Campbell was born in 2014 as a result.

It has been an amazing run. Hunter Campbell is absolutely sensational. Actually, it’s the people who are absolutely sensational – and ultimately that is what we are known for. I am extremely proud of our team and what we have achieved to date.


Business management.

Strategic direction.

Life Outside the Office

Life outside of work is a huge focus. My wife Becs and I have one child living in the UK and one still at home so try to spend as much time as we can making the most of the time we have with each of them. We have some other business interests which keep us busy and love adventures. Keeping fit is a key focus (and a bit start/stop!!) and spending time with good friends is gold.

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