Supply Chain, Operations & Procurement Contracting and Temporary Resources.

We never compromise on quality.

Our Proposition

We are dedicated to creating good chemistry in contract and temporary recruitment solutions.

We have a team dedicated to the Supply Chain, Operations and Procurement market, all bringing their own commitment, skills and experience to create a uniquely specialised service.

As the recognised experts in this industry, we have built up a strong network of both clients and candidates across the full breadth of roles. This means clients can rely on us to develop quality shortlists within 24 – 48 hours through an existing network of immediately available talent, while candidates can rely on us for regular and consistent work through our extensive client base.

In the current market, contracting is an effective way for businesses to fill a gap in teams while recruiting for permanent positions or specific talent to solve a business need. At Hunter Campbell, we can quickly help solve these needs because we are connected to immediately available candidates.

We pride ourselves on maintaining incredibly high standards of service in contract and temporary solutions, consistently matching the right short-term talent with the right team. It shows: 90% of the time our contractors turn into permanent employees. 

Benefits for clients

  • Speed to hire – we are able to understand your requirements and respond with the right talent in short timeframes.
  • Flexibly carry your business through peak workflows, projects and growth plans with talent tailored to suit changing needs.
  • High quality candidates ensured through a robust interview process and thorough background checks.
  • A user-friendly experience for both candidates and clients through our innovative timesheeting solution.

Benefits for contractors

  • Our dedicated team move quickly, securing you employment fast.
  • Our industry specialists are able to be more flexible in matching skill sets for contractor roles, and our clients are more open to this, which gives you wider career exposure and growth.
  • With a range of contract positions you can choose one that suits your lifestyle.
  • Our large client base and volume of roles allows you to become a specialist in a niche and we can assign you contract positions accordingly.

Job Search

We seek out those with a sense of passion and purpose

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Who is my employer?

When you are placed by Hunter Campbell on a contracting basis, you will either be a PAYE Contractor (employed by Hunter Campbell on a fixed term or project basis), or as an Independent Contractor (you are self-employed, contracting through Hunter Campbell).

When do I get paid?

All Hunter Campbell contractors are paid fortnightly following the approval of their timesheet (PAYE and Independent Contractors) and invoice (Independent Contractors). Our payroll is processed fortnightly on the Thursday after each pay cycle, money will be cleared in your account by Friday.

Why should I contract through Hunter Campbell?

We are specialists in Supply Chain, Operations and Procurement which means we have a large client base and lots of jobs available. We move quickly and our knowledge in the market allows us to be more flexible than most recruiters.

How do I claim expenses at the end of the financial year?

PAYE Contractor: N/A

Independent Contractor: Expenses can be claimed by you, your Accountant or through a tax agency. Complete records need to be kept for seven years.

How do I deal with income tax?

PAYE Contractor: Hunter Campbell will organise all income tax obligations on your behalf.

Independent Contractor: It is your responsibility to manage any financial obligations. You can do this yourself (or via your own accountant). Alternatively, we recommend Hnry, a NZ tax agency.

See the below link for more information on contracting with Hunter Campbell through Hnry.

What do I do about KiwiSaver?

You are Eligible for KiwiSaver if you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident. If you are eligible and between the ages of 18 to 65, you will automatically be enrolled into KiwiSaver when you start working with a new employer. All eligible contractors must fill out either a KiwiSaver deduction form (KS2) or an Opt-out request (KS10). If you are not eligible for Kiwisaver there are no forms for you to complete. Completing one of these forms will initiate the compulsory 13-day opt-in period, after which you can opt-out any time before day 56 of employment. Requests to opt-out after 57 days are late opt outs and must be approved by the IRD.

PAYE Contractor: These forms be included in your PAYE payment pack.

Independent Contractor: As you are self-employed, you will need to organise this by contacting your KiwiSaver provider directly.

What forms do I need to complete to set up as a contractor?

PAYE Contractor: All relevant forms will be sent to you in your PAYE payment pack once you have been placed. These include the IR330, KS2 and KS10, and payment details.

Independent Contractor: All relevant forms will be sent to you in your Independent Contractor payment pack once you have been placed. These include the IR330C, and invoicing details.

Why do I need insurance?

PAYE Contractor: As you are employed on Hunter Campbell’s payroll, it is not necessary for you to organise your own insurance.

Independent Contractor: Independent contractors are personally liable for their work. Hunter Campbell contractors are required to have insurance for two reasons:

  1. To defend claims made against you.
  2. To pay the company you are contracted to if you are found to be legally liable.

What Withholding tax rate should I include?

PAYE Contractor: N/A

Independent Contractor: The minimum Withholding tax rate is 10%. You can request a special rate by completing a Request for PAYE Exemption on Schedular Payments (IR332) form. You must provide Hunter Campbell with confirmation of the special tax rate letter from the IRD, to be implemented going forward. In the interim, the minimum we can deduct is 10%.

Am I entitled to sick leave as a contractor?

PAYE Contractor: As you are employed on Hunter Campbell’s payroll, you are entitled to paid sick leave and bereavement leave after completing 6 months of current, continuous employment with us. This also applies if you have worked for Hunter Campbell over a 6-month period for at least; 10 hours per week on average; and no less than 1 hour every week or 40 hours every month.

Independent Contractor: You are not entitled to paid sick leave as you are self-employed.

Do I need to register for GST?

PAYE Contractor: N/A

Independent Contractor: This is dependent on your annual income. If you earn over $60,000 in a single tax year through contracting, IRD states that you must be GST-registered. If you are not already registered for GST as a sole trader, you can do this through the myIR portal.

See helpful links below:

Registering for GST

Register for GST

Do I get public holidays as a contractor?

PAYE Contractor: You are eligible to be paid if a statutory day falls on a day that you would usually work. If you worked on a statutory day that is your usual working day, you are eligible to be paid time and a half for your hours worked plus a day in lieu. If you worked on a statutory day that is not your usual working day you are eligible for time and a half, but not a day in lieu.

Independent Contractor: You are not entitled to paid public holidays as you are self-employed.


What are my holiday pay / annual leave entitlements?

PAYE Contractor: For PAYE Contractors that are employed on a Fixed Term or Project basis of less than 12 months, holiday pay is paid at 8% of gross earnings on top of your hourly/daily rate. PAYE Contractors that are employed on a Fixed Term or Project basis of more than 12 month are entitled to 4 weeks of paid annual leave.

Independent Contractor: You are not entitled to paid annual leave, and holiday pay does not accrue on top of your hourly/ daily rate as you are self-employed.

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