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Hunter Campbell’s Supply Chain Excellence Series profiles roles within the Supply Chain job family including jobs in demand, salaries, and employment prospects.

In this article, the role of Supply Chain Co-ordinator is in the spotlight.

Purpose of the Role 

A Supply Chain Co-ordinator is a job that can be very varied in a Supply Chain environment. 

Supply Chain Co-ordinators will often be found in large companies with an established Supply Chain function who require a team member to assist across various tasks depending on workflow. Alternatively, the role can be found in smaller Supply Chain teams where there is a need for an all-rounder who is capable of taking on a wide range of day-to-day duties across different functions. 

While traditionally a Supply Chain Co-ordinator role may be perceived as an entry point or graduate opportunity to gain experience, there can also be senior level roles that may act as a 2IC to a Supply Chain Manager in many organisations. 

This role is a fantastic entry point into a career within Supply Chain and you will likely gain invaluable skills across various functions that will be beneficial for the next steps in your career. 


Pathways considerably vary to becoming a Supply Chain Co-ordinator. 

A common route is for candidates to come through universities with Supply Chain majors within Commerce. These candidates take either a graduate role or they can be appointed directly as a Supply Chain Co-ordinator. For these candidates, the role is a great first opportunity to put the education and theory they have learned into practice in a practical environment. 

Those already working often opt to study towards qualifications such as a Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) from NZPICS. Gaining these qualifications demonstrates a commitment to higher learning that is highly regarded by many employers and will give candidates an additional edge. 

We also see candidates who have worked their way up to a job as a Supply Chain Co-ordinator from a Warehousing or Administration role.  

Key Skills Required 

  • Planning and organisational skills are critical as Supply Chain Co-ordinators work with key stakeholders across the Supply Chain in a variety of functions 
  • The ability to work under pressure and make quick decisions when plans need to change 
  • Strong numerical skills to work effectively with ERP systems and Excel 
  • Excellent communications skills 
  • Strong attention to detail is a fundamental skill, given the pressures chain to ensure accurate forecasts and stock levels 

Career Prospects 

Supply Chain Co-ordinators will gain really strong skills across a wide variety of functions such as Demand, Supply, Purchasing, Procurement, Imports/Exports, Logistics and Production. 

These skills will provide a foundation to progress to other areas within the Supply Chain such as Supply Chain Managers, Planning Manager and Logistics Managers. As an example, Supply Chain Managers are often required to have experience across end-to-end processes from Demand Forecasting to Distribution. 

For aspiring Supply Chain candidates in the early stages of their career, we recommend you align yourself with an inspiring Supply Chain Manager who is able to help you grow and develop. This will set you up well for future success.  

Recruitment Forecast 

There continues to be good interest in both experienced Supply Chain Co-ordinators and up-and-coming candidates across the market depending on the needs of the company for what experience they require or can develop. 

As the market continues to improve, we expect that more roles at the Supply Chain Co-ordinator level will become available. 

Salary Guide 

This information is anecdotal and based on roles Hunter Campbell is currently recruiting or has previously recruited and relate to base salaries. They do not include any additional bonuses or benefits. 

Graduate/Entry: $55,000 – $65,000 

Intermediate: $65,000 – $75,000 

Advanced: $75,000 – $85,000 

The salaries of Supply Chain Co-ordinators will vary considerably depending on the level of experience they have and responsibilities within their role. A Supply Chain Graduate entering a Co-ordinator role as their first role could expect a salary between $55,000 to $60,000. Once they gain experience and show good signs of progression, they may take on further responsibility in their role which would likely move them more to an intermediate level and a salary between $60,000 to $65,000. More experienced Supply Chain Co-ordinators who have focused their career on this role may take on higher levels of responsibility, such as forecasting or supplier management ownership, and their salary could be between $70,000 to $80,000. These salaries will of course vary depending on the industry, company size and levels of responsibility. 

If you would like to find out more about the role of Supply Chain Co-ordinator, please contact Senior Consultant Kat Biggelaar. Kat specialises in Supply Chain, Planning and Contracting. For more news and views, visit our website by clicking here, see what opportunities we have available here or follow us on LinkedIn.

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