Enhance Your Career Trajectory – Future CFO Programme

Shane Spooner, Global General Manager – Finance at Allpress, shares his experience with the Future CFO Programme, a pivotal chapter in his career. From solidifying his path to securing his role at Allpress, Shane shares insights on how the programme shaped his trajectory.

“The Future CFO Programme was pivotal in shaping the trajectory of my career. At the time I enrolled in the programme, I found myself at a career crossroads. Having accumulated experience in various senior finance roles across different industries, I was contemplating whether transitioning into a CFO or Head of Finance position was the logical next step, and if I was adequately prepared for such a leap. The programme provided clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities associated with being a CFO. It instilled in me the realisation that readiness for such a transition is not solely contingent upon one’s background and experience. It emphasised the importance of confidence, well-defined processes, and a robust network. As a result, I felt empowered to pursue and ultimately secure the Head of Finance role at Allpress, a decision I may not have confidently made otherwise.

As part of the Future CFO Programme, participants were paired with mentors, an immensely beneficial part of the programme. This mentorship relationship came at a critical time for me, coinciding with my transition into the Head of Finance role at Allpress. My mentor, Mahesh from Worldline, was an invaluable sounding board, providing guidance and insights. Mahesh assisted me in navigating the challenges inherent in my new role, aiding in the pressure testing of ideas and strategies, and facilitating the establishment of trust and rapport with the Lead Team and Board. His mentorship played a pivotal role in my professional development, equipping me with the tools and strategies necessary to excel in my new leadership position.

Among the various sessions offered within the Future CFO Programme, one that particularly resonated with me was the Governance Session. Throughout my career, I had been accustomed to interfacing with Boards primarily through the lens of senior management, resulting in a somewhat one-directional communication dynamic. However, the panel discussion featuring Craig and Kirsty during the Governance Session provided invaluable insights into the human aspect of directorial roles, the challenges directors encounter, and the underlying concerns that inform their decision-making processes. This session not only humanised the roles undertaken by directors but also provided indispensable guidance on effective leadership strategies from a senior management perspective. The insights from this session have proven instrumental in enhancing my approach to governance and leadership within my professional endeavours.

My participation in the Future CFO Programme has equipped me with the knowledge, insights, and support necessary to advance my career and excel in leadership roles within the finance sector. Through the programme’s comprehensive curriculum, mentorship opportunities, and engaging sessions, I have been able to navigate pivotal career transitions with confidence and competence, ultimately contributing to my professional growth and success.”

Applications are currently open until May 6th, click here to read about the programme and apply.

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