Returning Kiwis

Our value proposition is simple. We connect leading Kiwi businesses with exceptional people – no matter where they are based. With a limited local talent pool, and a receptive global market open to opportunities, it’s no surprise that a key component of Hunter Campbell’s sourcing strategy is to engage and build relationships with Kiwi talent abroad.


London has long been the primary destination for New Zealand financial services professionals. It is one of the world’s leading financial markets centres and offers endless opportunities to gain experience working in industry leading institutions with global operations – organisations with significant headcount, hierarchy, and complexity. This experience can provide Kiwis with exposure to cross-border transactions and projects, investment in leading technologies, and the chance to work on projects at a size that we just don’t see in New Zealand.

When Kiwis do decide to return home, the move back to New Zealand can be quite a transition on a number of fronts; company size and hierarchy, funds under management, investment size, transactional volume, and of course, compensation. Conversely, employment in New Zealand can come with a broader scope, as we do not have the same level of volume and/or industry specialisation. Additionally, positions can offer greater responsibility and accountability, working in smaller teams with less hierarchy. Our advice to our Kiwi contingent in London is to always be mindful of what is transferable back to NZ; by focusing on the underlying skill set and experience, and ultimately what is transferable, will allow these individuals to return to NZ where they can utilise and continue to develop their expertise.


Hunter Campbell has developed a comprehensive programme to attract the best and the brightest Kiwis back to our shores. As a people-centric business, we invest significant time and resources to meet Kiwis on the ground in London. We take time to offer them an overview of the market here at home, where the opportunities may be, trends and themes in hiring, and the skill-sets in demand.

We build connections through listening and learning – gaining insight into their employment situation in the UK, including the content and scope of their current role. We are then better placed to offer valuable advice on the skills that are transferable to the New Zealand market.

We also understand that everyone has a life outside of work and we aim to get to know the ‘whole person.’ Do they have a partner that will also need to find work, what is their partner’s appetite for a move to New Zealand? Are there children or older parents that need to be considered?

Returning home to New Zealand is a significant undertaking. Hunter Campbell provides advice, support, and expertise at every step of the journey to ensure it’s a seamless process that delivers the best outcomes for everyone involved.

We believe in bringing Kiwi talent home, but only when the right opportunity arises. A role which matches expectations, which utilisies developed skill-sets and experience, which provides career growth and opportunity, and a role which falls within the narrow timeframes of bonuses being paid – making a move home financially feasible and attractive.

We know that the work we do impacts lives, and we approach it with an unwavering duty of care.


In 2022, we returned to London to host a series of events to connect directly with Kiwis.

One specific example of this good chemistry in action and the importance of taking the time to understand our candidates’ situations in detail, is when we connected with an individual who was contemplating a return to NZ. Whilst in the UK he was working for a leading bank, where he had held employment for over three years. We took the time to meet in person and understand his career, achievements, experience, and personal considerations in line with an expectation to return to New Zealand. Helping set these expectations we provided a comprehensive overview of the NZ market and opportunities.

We connected this individual with a New Zealand based investment bank, experiencing strong and consistent growth. The Directors of this business were looking to hire talented accounting and finance professionals to assist them with their next expansion phase. The end result: this individual successfully relocated back to NZ, and secured a role which utilised their skill set and experience, while offering progression opportunity.

The team at Hunter Campbell are committed to travelling to London on an annual basis, with events planned with leading industry bodies INFINZ and CAANZ for June

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