Thriving with agility and resilience

Uncertain economic conditions, together with this year’s general election combine to create a challenging sales environment. Decreased consumer confidence, and the potential for changes in government policies and regulations can result in businesses holding off on making significant purchases until October’s outcome is clear.

However, here at Hunter Campbell we believe 2023 presents a unique opportunity for high-performing New Zealand sales teams to rally together and gain market share.

Achieving this level of success will require one hundred percent focus on establishing and empowering the right team habits, attracting the best and brightest talent, and leaders being willing to truly lead and inspire their teams.


Effective leadership behaviours are key to building an agile and resilient sales team. As a leader, it is your role to provide clear direction to your team, constantly coaching and supporting your staff. There is a balance though – autonomy is important, the sign of a good leader is knowing when you need to step back.

As leaders we are not expected to be psychologists for our teams, but we do have a duty of care to ensure the team is energised with clarity of purpose, drills to master their craft, and an established rhythm of work. This approach creates a culture where the team feels secure, can easily change direction, and can thrive.

Research shows that successful, high-performing sales and marketing teams comprise these qualities, and it is crucial that leaders work to create an environment where these qualities can flourish.


The science of teamwork begins with creating good chemistry and that can only be achieved when you connect the right people with the right teams.

That means being intentional about attracting and securing candidates who demonstrate the ideal qualities for your business, your culture, and the team they’ll be working in. Of course, every business and culture is unique, so the ‘ideal’ qualities will vary.

However, our hands-on experience has shown us that there are certain qualities common to all high-performing sales people:

  • A growth mindset
  • Discipline in personal life
  • A brave and respectful communication style
  • Decisiveness
  • Resilience


According to The Resilience Institute’s 2022 report, resilience is becoming an increasingly important trait in the workplace, with businesses recognising the value of employees who can bounce back from adversity. Resilient sales teams are better equipped to handle stress and change, are more creative and innovative, and have higher levels of job satisfaction.

The first step to building a resilient sales team is recruiting for resilience. As well as the qualities outlined above, when we’re screening candidates for our clients, we assess their ability to handle stress and uncertainty, and look for a track record of bouncing back from setbacks.

Secondly, it’s important to foster a culture of communication and collaboration. A resilient sales team needs to be able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively to achieve common goals. Leaders should look to encourage open and honest communication and create a culture of constructive feedback and support. The most successful sales teams celebrate their wins and learn from failures together, creating a sense of shared responsibility for both successes and challenges

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